Stellar Data Recovery Software

Pictures are the most ideal way to keep our precious and cherish moment alive. Today there are several device which allow us to take digital pictures such as digital camera, camcorder, smartphone etc. Everyone wants to preserve their photos and the best place to do this is computer. But some unpleasant instant make us lose our best memories. Losing our valuable picture is really heartbreaking and it is also a fact that lost of pictures can not be avoided. Most of us believe that once pictures get deleted they can't be recover. But this is not true. You can recover deleted image with the help of some recovery utility such as Stellar data recovery software.

Before discussing about the recovery part, it is necessary to know in which circumstance you can lose your memorable pictures. Here are some common reason which result in loss of pictures:

  • Formatting partition of system can erase files including photo files too from compute.r
  • Interruption while sharing photos from PC to some removable device result in photo loss.
  • If computer is attacked by virus then it can result in file system corruption which also leads to loss of pictures.
  • Apart from that there are some other reason which make us lose our pictures such as OS re-installation, abrupt system shutdown, hard drive crash etc.
  • As mentioned above, you can recover your pictures using some powerful recovery application and Stellar data recovery software is one of them.

    Features of Stellar data recovery software

    Stellar data recovery software is consider to be the best recovery software which can recover deleted or lost pictures easily. This application is embedded with latest scanning algorithm which can restores deleted pictures of any format like JPEG, GIF, PNG, RAW, NEF, TIFF, ORF etc. This recovery utility not only recover image files from computer but it can also be used to recover lost pictures from other storage media such as external hard drive, memory cards, pen drive etc. It is compatible with all the version of Windows OS.

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