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Canon digital camera is one of the most desired names in the field of photography. You can easily rely on the digital camera manufactured by the canon digital camera because the cameras of this brand blend all the latest technologies require to have the high quality pictures. Canon SD1300IS Digital Camera is one of the best ad most admirable digital by the professionals as well as amateurs. You can get a high quality picture with the help of its 12 MP image sensor. This digital camera also contains a fine 8GB card that let you to take a half hour movie.

In spite of all these you can also get lots of pleasant features imbedded in the digicam. Canon SD1300IS 12 MP Digital Camera offers 2.7 inch display. Canon digital camera supports the CRW file format which is much similar to TIFF. When you sometimes improperly handle your camera, improperly transfers your fotos from the digital camera to other multimedia device then you unwantedly get some error message such as

  • "Card Locked"
  • Memory Card Error"

The unwanted error message in the Canon or other digital camera leads to the deletion of the picture loss. The loss of fotos really upsets you because pictures are considered to be the assets of life. When you loss your fotos then you really loss the sweet imprisoned moment But you can now recover the deleted pictures which is caused due to any reason with the help the foto recovery software.

Many times you use to format the memory card of your digital camera which some times recovers your photos. But sometimes the formatting of the memory card fails to recover the deleted fotos. So, here you need such software which provides you assurance to recover your entire lost fotos due to any mea. The deleted canon fotos recovery software is such a powerful tool which really provides you the full assurance to recover the lost and deleted fotos of your Canon digital camera.

Canon foto recovery software is a third party application for the fast recovery of your deleted fotos of the Canon digital camera. Canon foto recovery is very user friendly application program which need no more technical knowledge. This software supports both Windows and Mac operating system. It is capable to recover the lost fotos from the memory card of other digital camera.