Foto Recovery Software For Easy Retrieval Of Deleted Pictures

What to do for foto recovery?

Features of foto recovery software?

How it works?

The digital camera stores its data in a storage media such as SD/SDHC card which is considered to be the safest media for storing data. Almost all digital cameras rely on the SD/SDHC card to store the data. Sometimes due to improperly handling of the memory card results in the memory card corruption and makes the fotos deletion.

The memory cards corruption takes place due to several reasons such as improperly transferring of the fotos from digital camera to other multimedia devices, inappropriately handling of the devices, accidentally pulling out the memory card from accessing camera and many other similar reasons. These facts can cause the picture lost.

To resolve the problem you need to have foto recovery software which is powerful recovery software. It ensures to recover the deleted fotos with same picture quality. It has made foto recovery an easy task. The foto recovery software is very user friendly and need no more technical knowledge.

Foto Recovery Software retrieves fotos of all kind of memory devices. It supports variety of image files such as .gif, .jpg, .png and many more. This software comes for both Windows and Mac operating system.

To restore the photos you have to connect your digital camera with computer by using data cable. After that you have to launch foto recovery software. Next select the memory card drive. Choose the folder where the recovered fotos will be saved. Now press the start button to begin the recovery process. The application of foto recovery software is very easy and need no more technical knowledge.

User Guide

Step 1-launch the application

Step 2-Mark the media for recovery. The step offers you to search for foto music and video files. Now start the scan

Step 3-With the finish of the scan it offers the preview of the recovered items.

Step 4-It helps to select the specific region of selected media

Step 5-Select the specified file type

Step 6-Following the method you can develop image sector by sector of specified media

Step 7-Select the range

Step 8-From the last saved scan resume recovery

Step 9-Save the recovered file at the specified location